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ADEEL & NEHA - Experience the enchantment of a cross-cultural union by the best wedding photographer in Mumbai.

Updated: May 31

"Find someone who makes you laugh, allows you to be silly & be yourself, loves you when you're at your best but loves you more when you're not, kisses or touches you for no reason, looks at you in a way only you know what they're thinking and communicates with you in a way that you are never afraid to share yourself." – Michelle Morse

Destiny played cupid in uniting Adeel and Neha and they travelled from being complete strangers to life partners. Despite hailing from two completely different cultures, and backgrounds, Adeel fell head over heels in love with Neha.

Well, you know how the saying goes,

‘Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans!’

That is exactly what happened with these two love birds. And the rest is history

Coming from two different cultures, Adeel and Neha found themselves at crossroads. But they decided to honour both their cultures. They had the most delightful cross-culture wedding in Mumbai, a perfect amalgamation of elegance, simplicity and an enviable chemistry!

"Capturing Cultural Fusion: Celebrate Love's Diversity with Mumbai's best Wedding Photographer"

The wedding celebrations, captured by best team @ TPBH - the official wedding photographer for the celebration, were a vibrant tapestry of joy, laughter, and color! The festivities kicked off with a picturesque sundowner Mehendi function at Kinos Cottage, Versova, followed by a lively cocktail party at night.

The following morning, Adeel and Neha sealed their love with a court marriage ceremony, marking the beginning of their eternal bond. The energy soared at the high-spirited wedding reception held at Tote Banquets @ The Turf, a moment we cherished capturing forever.

The expert eye of Talking Pictures by Hitesh, renowned as the best wedding photography team, had an absolute blast capturing unforgettable moments. Wishing Adeel and Neha a future as radiant as their love!








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