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Wedding Photography by Team #TPBH

TPBH Photo Gallery

 Images are the building blocks of . . . an Unfolding story . . . an Untold story . .Timeless story !!

Weddings are made in heaven! Or not! Earth or the Heavens?

Well, for us, every wedding photography shoot is no less than a godly affair, and to capture real, natural, authentic and candid moments of the celebration is an opportunity we never miss!


Our compelling Wedding photographs can get you hooked onto, and are essentially a result of our Contemporary and offbeat approach. Our life like candid photographs talk a thousand words and yet, hold the power of deepest emotions. Our passionate team of photographers are obsessed with never letting a smile go uncaptured which keeps us on our toes throughout the celebrations. Our ability to notice and capture the shy glances, inside jokes and the dream-come-true expressions in our clicks will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

We love helping someone tell a story on their special day through our fabulous visuals.

Framing emotions, a tear here, a laughter there, a shy glance and a warm hug – all this pushes our wedding photographers. We believe that there’s nothing bigger than gifting someone a happy memory.

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