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Love Knows No Limits: Witness Aditya & Chandni's Threefold Bond Through the Lens of the Best Wedding Photographer in Mumbai.

Updated: Jun 1

Aditya & Chandni's story will definitely make u believe in Destiny. It is one of the most beautiful & heart-warming love story captured by us at #tpbh, one of best wedding photographers. They had a star studded wedding, many bollywood celebrities were part of the festivities. Below are the photos of the wedding followed by the most beautiful wedding film (tpbh Favourite) that you would ever witness.


This story reads like a script of the film.

This story makes you go “Awww”. Chandni was only 11 when she first saw Aditya, writing his exam. He sat ahead of her, and she tried desperately to peep into his answer sheet - NOT for any answer, but to look for his name. Bowled over, already, she told her friends about her love at first sight, watched him play, stalked him and secretly loved him. She would enjoy calling herself with Aditya’s last name and draw her wedding cards too. She would give her prank calls and speak to him for hours. Aditya and Chandni connected. It was like a spark!

It might sound right out of a film but this is exactly how it panned out. Love bloomed in their teens. But as fate would have it, they had to part! Chandni moved to Jakarta. They started writing to each other but this couldn’t go on for long. They grew distant. Their lives took new turns and they both moved on. Chandni got married, had a child – Kahil. Life had plans, Chandni moved back to India. But 15 years later, who knew Aditya and Chandni would meet again and that this time it would be FOREVER.

Aditya and Chandni met again in Mumbai, and it was the same kind of love. Chandni skipped a beat, and there was no looking back. The two spent time together, got to know each other more and sailed through everything together.

Aditya Chandni and Kahil fell in love with each other.

Their wedding witnessed a fun filled mix of emotions and traditions captured by the best wedding photographer in Mumbai - Talking Pictures By Hitesh

This couple who deserved nothing less. The functions were held in Mumbai and were both - fun and a visual delight. The sangeet and cocktail at ITC Maratha Hotel was a grand celebration, all about dance and music. The Mehendi ceremony was at Sea Princess Hotel, witnessing the warmest of smiles and craziest of moments with friends and family getting together for some endless fun. The Haldi and Wedding ceremony at Trident Bandra was an intimate affair, soaked in love and celebrations.

We told you it sounds like a film script, didn't we?

The photographs capture the most beautiful memories for these three – Aditya, Chandni and Kahil. Team TPBH absolutely loved covering this big fat Indian wedding.

Looking for the best wedding photographer in town?? . . you have reached the right place.




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