"kuch unki suno, phir aapni karoo !!"

Do verify, confirm and satisfy yourselves from our patrons testifying our timely -accomplishments.


" Thank you for the awesome pictures and video Hitesh. I really wish you and your team at Talking Pictures all the very best. It's easy when there is a given set of instructions but when you have two people who are as different as night and day and no mandate it's an uphill task. So with me on a talkathon (I know I just won't shut up) and Mriganka who would just smile what you did was absolutely brilliant. The way you understood how we were not the mushy and romantic kind of people and came up with something that was so cool is absolutely awesome. Thanks again and hope Talking Pictures can reach scaling heights of success. God bless! - Siddharth Balani "


" I came across Talking pictures by Hitesh, around 5-6 months before my wedding through a friends reference. As any bride would know 5-6 months prior  is just when the chaos starts, when you realize you have a whole lot of work and only "150" days left. While looking for a photographer I was clear his work had to be outstanding, I had to be able to connect with him and his team as I'd be spending some of my most treasured moments with them. I had spoken with a lot of photographers and wasn't finding someone I was blown away with. When I came across Hitesh, the things that instantly struck me were : his passion for his work, he is one of the nicest people, realized the stress I was under at the moment and totally worked around it. It was then that I realized these are the people I want to capture my wedding. From the time go, he not only patiently dealt with all my long phone conversations and requests, all my families demands, moreover I knew he was someone I could trust.  During the 4 days of my wedding, his team was always punctual, always around, I never saw them sit for even a second, even when I was tired of posing for photographs - they were not tired of trying to get that perfect shot.  One moment that really stood out for me was on the day of my pheras, I was getting my make up done. Hitesh called me once he reached the venue just to tell me everything is under control and the decor looked great, he knew that's what I needed to hear at the time without me even saying it. He was more of a friend than anything.  I want to thank the entire team of The talking pictures, for everything they've done and all the beautiful memories they've captured. I will forever be indebted to you'll for giving me memories that will last a life time.  For any future bride, groom, family reading this, just blindly go with talking pictures. It's something you will definitely not regret. - Raisa & Shiv "


" I couldn't recommend Hitesh highly enough as a wedding photographer”. Hitesh is very relaxed and was a pleasure to deal with, from our first initial phone call to the moment he left our wedding, wishing us all the best. He is so professional and was completely unobtrusive on the day. The photographs turned out absolutely beautiful, so natural and just really captured the atmosphere of the day, and we will honestly treasure them forever ! Regards-Rohan & Richa "


" Hitesh is a sweetheart and a darling .. very understanding and intelligent guy with a clean heart ..His ability to connect with people makes him an instant hit with everybody and wins you over .. truly a wonderful soul who’s commitment to work cannot be questioned. Guys be rest assured he delivers .. whether it’s quality or time !!  Thank you Hitesh for capturing the most beautiful moments of my life up till now, enhancing them through ur skills and making them last forever in our memories ... God Bless you my friend .. - Varun & DIPTI "


" We would like to thank you and each one in your team for making the toughest job look so simple. You guys are the real heroes of our wedding. Your passion for photography truly reflects in our wedding memories that we will cherish forever. We are glad that we chose to surrender to your creativity and the outcome has been marvellous. We immensely appreciate your craft and wish you loads of success.   Best Regards, Nishith & Shipra. "


" Thank you for the photoshoot Hitesh. Our experience working with you was fantastic and the pictures you captured are outstanding and really captured the magic of the day. You knew exactly what we wanted and had many great ideas that made our album spectacular. Thank you once again.  - Purvi & NIck "


" Hitesh worked on my marriage photography and videography. Getting married to the guy you love is every girls's dream ...and I couldn't have found anyone better than Hitesh to capture my dream on a camera roll.  His photos are superb quality, fun ideas and great execution. Very professional and love their team spirit. The candis as well as the traditional photos are lovely. Most of them will make me feel so warm when I'm old. It's a treasure. Hitesh ...I dint get chance to thank you for all the effort you made. Running around us to get the best angle, making us feel so comfortable, bringing out the beauty in us, when we were so tired and doing all of it with a smile. I would recommend all my close frnds to get in touch with Hitesh when they get married. The most important, he delivered the final photos to us on the exact day he committed, not delayed by even one day. Its a great feeling bcz the excitement is still going. Had a great time working with you,  Looking forward for many more. Thanks and love, Ruchit & Raina "


" I completely adored the work Hitesh did with the photos and videos of my mehendi function!  Its been quite sometime since the wedding and I still feel like watching the mehendi teaser again and again, not to forget to mention it was brilliantly composed and edited.  The team was creative and captured some amazing shots of my husband and me and also the venue. Scrolling through the photos and videos get me very nostalgic and also feels like i am reliving that day. It was a beautiful day and it was captured in a even more beautiful way. Hats off the to team talking pictures. Couldn't be more content!" - Mitali


" I had gone through many photographers before I met Hitesh and didn't really find a connect with them , whether it was their work or someone to take my wedding photos . As soon as I met him I was very comfortable with him. I couldn't have asked for a better photographer and the video is awesome . Other than him being my wedding photographer he always helped me be calm through the whole wedding jitters. In the end of the wedding I found a friend in him too. He's all in one." - Priti & Vikram


"Someone who can capture the emotions as they flow during the functions in a candid, non intrusive way, is one of the most important skills one should look for in a wedding photographer, because the best pictures are the ones where you don't know you are being shot .. and thats where Hitesh and his team at Talking pictures have mastered. Honest, someone who speaks his mind in recommending whats good or not by filtering your biases, punctual so that you don't have to follow up where the team is on the day of the event, straightforward with his commercial dealings, Hitesh gets full marks at being a great service provider... I highly recommend them." - Umesh & Jharna


" I completely adored the work Hitesh did with the photos and videos of my mehendi function! Its been quite sometime since the wedding and I still feel like watching the mehendi teaser again and again, not to forget to mention it was brilliantly composed and edited. The team was creative and captured some amazing shots of my husband and me and also the venue. Scrolling through the photos and videos get me very nostalgic and also feels like i am reliving that day. It was a beautiful day and it was captured in a even more beautiful way. Hats off to the team at talking pictures, Couldn't be more content! " - Rushabh & Mitali


" You managed to capture not only what was important to us, but also the little things that we missed out on the day. No one could capture this more beautifully than you. Every moment made us smile and laugh and we miss the madness even more ! Thank you for making this special day live with us forever!! Big shout out to you and your entire team at talking pictures by Hitesh." - Sneha Bachani


" Hitesh, the one who goes above and beyond... It was on my first anniversary while looking at my wedding pictures, I realized what an important part of my wedding had Hitesh been!!! With every picture and video I relived the moments of my special day all over again and realized how much effort Hitesh and his entire team had put in to make sure these moments would last a lifetime. Hats off to them for putting in all the late hours and hard work to make our wedding look so beautiful even today!!! " lots of love, -Natasha and Karan


" My experience with (Talking Pictures) Hitesh and his team has been incredible from the beginning until the end. I have been staying in the states for more than 7 years now and I had little knowledge on the rates of wedding photographers from Mumbai, their work, and reviews. I believe most of you who are about to get married have gone through this tedious process of selecting the best ones to capture the beautiful moments of your life. Honestly, I did not know much about Talking Pictures and I just went with the flow on the basis of my brother?s recommendation and his gut feeling. Well, it appears that the gut feeling proved to be perfectly right and in favor of my style. Hitesh and his team have done a marvelous job in capturing our wedding pictures and videos, they exceeded my expectations, not only with the quality of work but also with their innovative thinking, diligence, patience, and quality of service. Their team is very playful and joyous which made it easier for me and my husband to connect with the camera. Considering our hectic schedule, the Hitesh and his team selected the apt songs depicting our journey. This, in turn, made our wedding video the most memorable not just for us but for any everyone. After watching my wedding video, I have had colleagues (not so close friends) come to me and said ? we wish we had found (Hitesh) to create the same for us ? and trust me that itself gives the validation of the work they do. Our family cousins who could not attend the wedding have been pleasantly fortunate to relive the moments through the amazingly captured photographs and video. You will never feel content by watching your own wedding video as you would want it to never end, that is the beauty of their work. Anyone out there who is deciding on which vendor to go with, I would just say? put your pen down, and go with TALKING PICTURES ? end of discussion. I promise you will enjoy the wedding to your fullest with no worry regards how you being captured and you will not be disappointed!! " - Shraddha & Vardhaman


" As the name says TALKING PICTURES....trust me it really does all the moments and emotions were so beautifully captured, I can keep looking at the pics and videos over and over again, superb work and finishing.....as promised everything was on time and perfect, a great team to work with.....Thank u once again for capturing those very important moments so so beautifully!!!!!! " - Deepika & Nilesh


" Today everything exists to end in a photograph...A famous saying , which is very much rightly said. Right from perfect makeup, hair, jewellery ..The next most important thing for a bride and a groom is the most perfect pictures to be captured to give it all justice..In my case as well it was 'THE' most important thing..someone who is a photo crazy freak and my partner being my exact opposite..getting him to do a pre-wed shoot was a task, he finally agreed after a lot ado..I was anxious at first..but hitesh chabria (tpbh) made it all a fun riot and worth it..He exactly knew when to capture the exemplary moment..without getting either of us conscious..All we did was laugh and be ourselves..when we saw the final result..I had tears in my eyes by the end of the slide show..as I felt I n my better half have never been captured so beautifully before ever by anyone..It showed our love, our bond, it showed 'Us' something beyond jus a photograph..as hitesh always say..you can't take a photograph you make it..I can't thank talking pictures by hitesh enough for giving the most beautiful moments to cherish forever." - Sanam & Sahil


" The TPBH team has impressed us in multiple ways. Hitesh has been very professional yet very kind and easy to talk to from the start. He had an exceptional sense for what we were pondering but hadn't yet said aloud, really listened effectively to what we were seeking. And the result is incredible! Hitesh is very talented and creative and with his team they capture emotions in an amazing way. We highly recommend Hitesh Chhabria and his team unequivocally and would hire him again in a heartbeat. Merci beaucoup toute l'quipe de TPBH! " -Oleski & Idalinha


" Where should i start, i was finding a cinematographer a month before our wedding. And we found takingpicturesbyhitesh on facebook. I called him to discuss the dates and the budget. Hitesh was really co-operative. After a day or two we finalized and waited for the big day. I had seen a lot of videos but had no idea what i really want. I had just discussed the kind of songs i like and what the ceremonies and venues are. I had not even met hitesh before the mehendi day. That was the first day they started shooting. It felt like i was friends with Hitesh since a long time. The entire team was very friendly and cooperative. They made everyone comfortable while they were shooting them. It was fun working with Talkingpicturesbyhitesh. When we saw the promo (which i got way early then i thought, a few days after marriage) i was in awe. It was perfect like he got in my mind and produced a beautiful film. We got the final video in a month or so and it was speechless. Every single person who saw it said it was perfect replication of me and we loved it so much. The details of ceremonies, sync of songs and the CANDID interviews. I loved everything!! Thanks guys for making our special moments so memorable like you stored everything in a box." - Prerna & Jay


" One of the most special occasions in anyone's life is their own wedding. Me and Prerna are so fortunate in selecting you as our photographer for our Punjabi-Gujarati wedding. Working with you has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience that delivered excellent results. Our 3 day event has now become a life-time memorable event, Thanks to you!!! Photography is one thing we didn?t want to compromise on at all, and you did true justice to it. Be it the colourful Mehendi Ceremony, or the Rocking Cocktail event, or the traditional Wedding ceremony, or the classy post-wedding shoot; Your team was just phenomenal and managed to capture the most beautiful candid moments!! You surely have a keen eye. Must say you are not only a talented photographer, but a truly energetic and exciting person, who blended in like a family. Your passion and creativity for photography is there for all to see.Your team?s response time, effort, and patience were absolutely top notch. Thank you for capturing the most beautiful moments of our lives. Keep up the excellent work. We highly recommend you as a professional photographer, who made our wedding an affair to remember and made us look beautiful. Putting it simply? "The Must-Have Wedding Photographer. " - Prerna & rahul


" Straight after we booked our venue for our engagement, we started looking for a photographer. We didn't know where to begin, there were so many to choose from. We found Hitesh on Google and met with him, we felt so comfortable, and although it seemed a gamble to choose a photographer we had not known before, we are so glad we did.  Our wedding pictures are amazing! Hitesh really caught the emotion of our day and looking at our pictures a few weeks later bought all our wonderful memories of the day back. We would definitely recommend Hitesh - you won't regret choosing him." - Santosh & Kinjal


We were lucky enough to secure 'Talking Pictures by Hitesh' for our wedding day and it was one of the best decisions we made surrounding our whole wedding planning. Umang and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for doing such a fantastic job with our wedding photos. We are so impressed with them ? you really captured all the three days very well. We could not have asked for a better wedding photographer ? not only are you very talented, but a lovely guy too! You put us both at ease and we felt so relaxed and happy on that day, it really shows in the photos. All our family and friends have commented on how stunning the photos are. Thank you so so much for the brilliant job that you have done on our wedding day! I would surely refer you to my friends who need one of the best wedding photographers in town. - Umang & Rachna

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