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We are a photography and filming company that aims at converting every occasion into a memorable tale. We are a crew having over 10 years of combined Cinematography & Candid/Photojournalistic/Artistic Photography experience.
Every picture is a story waiting to unfold. Once you have us aboard you will be compelled to see all that matters to you in a new light. In the light of our perception that absorbs all things said and unsaid within a blinking frame. We are here to spread happiness daily through our work and through our association with happy people like you. Besides shooting your D day we are also actively involved with Pre-Wedding Shoots, Lifestyle, Maternity Shoots, Toddler Exclusive Shoots, Food and Hospitality Shoots, Corporate Films etc.
Clients love us because we stick to budgets, key requirements and story ideas. Everything is pre -planned to the minutest detail and no last minute changes are made. We capture our tales with accuracy because we know that these are joint efforts to create terrific stories.
If you are keen to shoot we are happy to capture. The occasion need not be a big one. As long as your story has a happy purpose we are up to re-invent our work at every given opportunity. Contact us at the earliest if you would like to get us on board to shoot your happy tale.
TPBH was established back in early 2012, as a Wedding Photography & Cinematography Studio. In the year 2017, we’ve expanded our business and portfolio into documentary, corporate, and lifestyle films.

The One : Hitesh Chhabria

Photographer /Cinematographer/ Office -Boy / Editor / Post-Production Manager / Helper / Director /Artist @ TPBH

Hi, nice to meet you :)
I am at Hitesh Chhabria, I am not much of a talker, but I am a great listener. Having done my masters in commerce, I have had a long association with entertainment at companies like Prime Focus Ltd. and Reliance MediaWorks.
Ten years ago I started out as a film editor working in advertising, music videos and TV shows. Those years taught me all about visual storytelling, using movement to create continuity and choosing the right shot for the right moment. Pictures can speak a thousand words and that too in a span of seconds. A fact that reaffirmed my faith in its inherent uniqueness. Wedding photography has been a passion, yes we all love making tall claims about that unique process through which fate gets us baptised forever, marriage. But I thought let’s do away with the claims and let the camera do the talking. Let it candidly capture all that others fail to observe and we ourselves are too engrossed to notice. Beyond the chaos is a connection. Beyond the connection is the hidden chemistry that rib-tickled two hearts and convinced them to function as one.
I’m still telling stories today – but of two people, and in a single frame. Being a wedding photographer is the best job I can imagine. Every week I work with people who are experiencing the happiest day of their life with their very closest friends and family. Of course replace media with IMAGE-MAKING and the entertaining bit just stays where it is. One of the most important things in my life for me are the people around me i.e. my friends & my family. Especially my MOM. She is the one who made me who I am, she is the one who taught me everything I know and she is the one supporting me in everything that I do, no matter what. I am very lucky to have her as my MOM.
Besides all of the above I am a music buff, cinema lover, travel enthusiast & impromptu chef. Also, I am a FOODIE and can probably kill for a pound of a French fries & a handcrafted tandoori chicken. If you ever need a place to go for one, ask me, I can recommend some of the best places in the city!
I live and breathe MUMBAI and truly believe there's no other place, which can compare to the best city ever. I live in Mumbai and travel to wherever my photography assignments take me.
Enough about me, let's get back to what You’re looking for !!
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is an award winning Indian candid wedding photography and cinematography services company based out of Mumbai, Gurgaon-Delhi NCR and Sharjah, UAE. We are a passionate team of best Indian wedding photographers and candid cinematographers that loves to capture and preserve the most beautiful emotions experienced around. we are amongst the pioneers of the Indian candid wedding photography genre.Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Mumbai. Wedding to Pre Wedding Photography. Avail Now our Best photography and Videography Packages! Customized Packages. Artistic Work.

We are one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Mumbai! Events such as weddings are about traditions and rituals, about momentous moments, about journeys of discovery and about new relationships. To cement all of that together you need something strong, something beautiful and something everlasting. That’s what Talking pictures by hitesh creates for you-beautiful memories that outlive time and space with our specialized Candid Photography

In Mumbai, things are always happening and competition is cut-throat, but amidst it all we are there for you, providing artistically and stylistically, the joyous moments of a lifetime. Love may be in the air, but we capture that too by not missing out on those hidden glances, the subtle displays of affection, the latent nuances that emerge stealthily—oblivious to all eyes but that of our camera!A peep into our work on Candid Photography by our Candid Photographers will show you how stimulating we can be and why we chose TPBH as our signature. We understand the meaning of business success and know what it takes to get there. For all practical purposes we may be photographers, but we believe that it’s an art that goes beyond the mere technicalities. It’s a passion for us and each photograph is a commitment towards excellence.

Dynamism, diligence and perfection, you may say, are our middle names—so if you do need to pep up your special day, do reach out to us. If you’re in Mumbai, we’ll make your special day extraordinary for you—through the color and romance of our candid photography services. Post processing also plays a virtual part in making us One Of The Best Wedding Photographers in Mumbai

Your satisfaction is our yardstick and our wedding photography will way exceed your expectations. We lay claim as One Of The Best Wedding Photographers in Mumbai has had in decades and every event we shoot takes us a few notches higher. Our charges are competitive and our services extend beyond the contours of wedding photography.